Blue File Sharing and Collaboration


UNIVERGE BLUE SHARE provides secure internal and external file and document sharing without compromising on accessibility or functionality.

Save, synchronize, and share the latest document versions from any device.

Protect documents and revisions with real-time backup.
Safeguard files and the organization with antivirus protection.

Guard against unauthorized or intentional document and file interceptions.


UNIVERGE BLUE SHARE includes multilevel security protocols for peace of mind and protection of information assets.

Real-time backup of all PC files, mobile photos, and video files.

Convenient one-click restoration at any point in time.

Two-factor authentication and TLS encryption.

Built-in anti-malware and antivirus protection for an additional layer of security.

Time-specific auto recovery to quickly recover from cyberattacks

Additionally, Bitdefender’s anti-malware and antivirus software are available for new and existing UNIVERGE BLUE SHARE customers at no extra cost.


Besides providing fast and secure ways to share digital files, UNIVERGE BLUE SHARE makes the sharing and receiving of information extremely convenient and controlled.

24x7x365 phone support.

Cross-device accessibility across desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and the web.

Unlimited versioning.

Quick restoration to a point in time down to the minute.

– Microsoft 365®

– Outlook®

– Office®

– Active Directory®

– File Servers