UNIVERGE BLUE MEET galvanizes remote workforces, transforming both your user and customer experience

Integrates audio, video, and screen sharing into a turnkey cloud-based video conferencing platform

Flexible how, when, where, and with whom collaboration.
Virtual sharing of expertise to educate, build consensus, and achieve results.

Increase workforce productivity with intuitive communications tools, such as messaging to video transfer, one-click screen sharing, and in-meeting chat.


UNIVERGE BLUE MEET delivers an inclusive and engaging user experience.

A multi-party HD video-conferencing display enables viewing of meeting participants.

Users receive their own personal video conferencing account.

Meetings can scale from 2 to 100 participants.

Can’t make the meeting? No problem. Catch up with recordings and automated transcriptions of what was discussed.

Recordings can be played back from virtually anywhere at any time.

Like a ‘virtual PA’ – Artificial Intelligence (AI) based transcription ensures accurate taking of meeting notes.

Outcomes and progress no longer suffer due to scheduling conflicts.


One-click functionality improves team collaboration, streamlines workflows, and quickens decision-making.

Documents shared virtually are understood better, revised faster, and distributed less often.

Urgent, impromptu, or sensitive meetings are supported with “meet-me invite” and personalized URL invitations.

One-click meeting add-ins for Microsoft® Outlook® and other calendar applications make for quick and simple scheduling of single or serial meetings.

AES encryption ensures conversations and shared materials and information remain secure.