Is the Desk Phone Dead?

We know Business Telecom and Business Communications in Phoenix, AZ!  For years now the sages of technology have told us the desk phone is dead. Soon users would have an application on their computers or perhaps mobile phones would simply replace the desk phone for most workers.  Well they were half right.  The desk phone is not dead – in fact, evidence is emerging that suggests the desk phone is here to stay. But the desk phone now has company.



Today’s increasingly mobile workforce requires more freedom to access corporate technology and communicate wherever and whenever necessary and certainly the new generation of workers expects their technology to wore seamlessly across platforms.   The challenge for corporate IT is downloading “Angry Birds” to your mobile phone presents no major hazard, but linking a variety of disparate devices, each with their own applications and internet access  – and doing so while maintaining the integrity of a corporate network can be a daunting task.


Today’s users expect to be able to take their personal and business communications – active calls, instant messaging, short text messaging and presence – with them where ever they go.  Today’s technology can allow for seamless movement from a mobile telephone, tablet or softphone to a desk phone and back, with the simple click of a button.  And can do so in a way which is secure and maintains the integrity of the corporate network.


Technology, like most things in life, does not always follow a straight line path and almost never follows the predictions of the “experts”. But eventually the demands of end users will help shape technology into something that adds to productivity of workers and allows them to better serve customers NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C™ is a complete, software-based, unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way a business and individuals communicate. It provides the necessary agility for today’s dynamic work environment and enables total control over how, when and where you choose to be reached – truly empowering your workforce.



Mike Hosking is the owner of Canyon Telecom Inc in Phoenix, an NEC dealer.